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Innovator for Corporate Women
Performance & Leadership Specialist

I am Pradnya Vernekar and my mission is to:

1. Activate enthused ambition and belief in the women workforce towards their career progression. Then cultivate the courage to showcase their truest and highest talent overcoming inhibitions. This untapped talent is what is going to vastly contribute to our country’s growth and economy.

2. Equip, teach and orchestrate systems in organizations to create their own organization culture style where women feel competent to thrive. Thereby enriching the organization’s innovation and delivery.

3. Cultivate mindsets and internal capabilities for women to embrace their gender positioning, driving their confidence to apply and step into higher leadership jobs within C Suite settings.

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Who is Pradnya Vernekar at her core? 

In 2008, in my first corporate job in a small sized company, I brought the women together. It was the first time, the organization had a forum for women.
Community building runs in my blood.

In 2012, I remember there was a time when I spoke up being the junior most HR professional in the room in front of many Directors and the CEO. I called out on how a certain Manager was gaslighting his team members and why the high performance rating he was bestowed upon was just looking at one side of his performance. We then as a HR team, delved into the process of designing a holistic and comprehensive performance appraisal system considering the technical, human and aspirational aspects of an employee.

Orchestrating efficient and impactful systems to uplift organization cultures is my speciality.

In 2016, after being in depression for almost a year due to the label of 'unexplained infertility', I was in my lowest low time. August 2016, I decided I am not going to stop my life in the yearning of being a mother. It was also the time when I decided to not let any labels or my ability or inability to be a mother define my self worth. I was whole then, I am whole now. That is when I decided to serve other women with love and connection and utmost respect.

The 'why' behind what I do has the foundation in seeing, feeling and listening to an employee or organization's story like no one has done before.

In 2019, the first year of my son's birth, I felt a pang of deep frustration with my life being completely changed like no one else's around. No one prepares you for motherhood is what I realized. It brought in distance in my marriage and my self worth as a mother. When I realized, I cannot suffocate anymore in this cage, I seeked help from my mentor. I unshamed my guilt with her and learnt how to hold that safe space for others. My marriage and my relationship with my son is like never before.

Unshaming and normalising our most hidden emotions (gender inhibitors) is my innate gift. This enables employees to open up with a safe and secure feeling.

From 2008 till date, I have worked in different countries and cultures which means the way I serve you and the organizations come with a rich knowing of cultures, values and systems. This coupled with my extensive work in gender inhibitors means the way I serve is an unique proposition.  

Freedom of true expression, heartfelt connection and creativity are the foundational pillars of my service.

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